Public Presentation for ALHAURIN DESPIERTA 17th Janurary 20:00 in Finca Paloverde.

Tiempo de lectura aprox: 2 minutos, 29 segundos

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The citizen candidacy Alhaurin Despierta celebrates their official Public Presentation on Saturday 17th January with a Party and Barbeque in Finca Paloverde.

Alhaurin Despierta is the citizen candidacy who integrates and invites all independent people and social movements and includes independent organizations like ELECTORES, EQUO and PARTIDO X. In the face of the upcoming municipal elections in Alhaurin de la Torre, they will be celebrating with a Public Presentation Party and Barbeque in the well-known Finca Paloverde in Alhaurín de la Torre.

Absolutely everyone is invited to the event, all neighbors and citizens of Alhaurin de la Torre, associations, groups; including political groups etc. Information will be readily available on Alhaurin Despierta, and the project they are working on at the event. This is a social occasion with Free Barbeque (including vegetarian options) Music and Supervised Entertainment Activities for children, so families can attend without a problem.

With our Public Presentation we begin a new phase in ALHAURIN DESPIERTA, marked by the intensification and generation of new contacts, to ensure the confluence of a majority of the social fabric, and the collective and participative elaboration and development of an electoral program and electoral list, through the process of primary elections, open to public.

Why a citizen Candidacy?

Today in the Election process the citizens of Alhaurin de la Torre have the possibility to choose between different political options (parties) represented by organizations and structures that do not allow for citizen/resident participation.

Because of this, any idea or project they have, we have no choice, vote or voice. The structures of traditional political parties do not allow for or include citizen/resident participation, ideas or opinions. This is because their organizational structure does not allow it. This is true even within the political parties governing in our own town hall today!

The Citizen Movement » ALHAURIN DESPIERTA» is an alternative to that situation, presenting a Candidacy of Citizens for the 2015 elections.

ALHAURIN DESPIERTA is not a Political Party, it is a collective citizens movement, a group of local citizens building a process with united ideas, capabilities and experiences. People from all walks of life, some who have never been involved in collective organizations, social movements or politics.

Together we are building a project based in citizen/resident participation, We want our institutions and services to offer everyone equal access without discrimination; this can be guaranteed with full citizen participation in ALHAURIN DESPIERTA ensuring that the rights and freedoms of everyone are protected, both before and after the elections of 2015.

Our goal is to present a Citizen Candidacy for our Town Hall in Alhaurin de la Torre. A candidacy who lead by example, through transparent and fully inclusive citizen involvement. Always collaborating with people, movements, associations, and political and non-political organizations.

We are forming a participative and democratic election program elaborated by all of us together which we will present at our primary elections ( nominating elections with our ALHUARIN DESPIERTA movement). In ALHAURIN DESPIERTA we want all of us to decide TOGETHER who will be our representatives and what actions they will take once they are elected in our Town Hall.

For this to become reality we need the collaboration of everyone, we want to reach every urbanization, neighborhood and street in Alhaurin de la Torre in order for us to continue building the project we all want for our town.

ALHAURIN DESPIERTA is our chance to change how we live in Alhaurin de la Torre, to change all the policies, practices, ordinances and environmental regulations of our town through everyones participation.

For more information:


@alhdespierta SMS, Whatsapp, Telephone: 648164401 y 655098629

La Candidatura ciudadana de Alhaurín de la Torre dedica hoy sus post e informaciones en redes sociales a la comunidad extranjera residente. La mayor parte de la información en su web está traducida al ingles.

Tras la campaña informativa del pasado mes para comunicar los requisitos y procedimientos que los extranjeros residentes debían cumplir para ejercer su derecho a voto en las próximas elecciones municipales, la candidatura ciudadana que integra en Alhaurín a ciudadanos independientes, movimientos sociales y organizaciones como ELECTORES, EQUO o PARTIDO X, continua sus acciones de integración de la comunidad extranjera con una acción informativa inedita en Alhaurín. Ademas de ofrecer traducidos los principales documentos en su web (, desde hoy a través de las redes sociales y el reparto de folletos en ingles, se está invitando a la presentación pública del sábado, que contará con intervenciones en esta lengua y servicio de traducción para los asistentes.

La presentación tendrá lugar el próximo sábado 17 a partir de las 20.00 h en Finca Paloverde.