5 Quirky Things to Do in Barcelona

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Whether you have been to Barcelona on numerous occasions or this is your very first time in the city, you may be on the lookout to try out activities that are completely unique, to guarantee a memorable holiday. Be assured that there’s plenty to do in this vibrant city for absolutely everyone to enjoy and you’ll certainly be leaving with plenty of amazing snaps to upload on social media.

If you’re looking for quirky ways to keep yourself entertained in Barcelona, here are a few ideas that might tickle your fancy:

1. Eat tapas and watch flamenco

You can’t go to Barcelona without trying two of Spain’s most famous traditions- watching a flamenco show and eating tapas. Barcelona is home to some of Spain’s very best performers and dancers, so you’re bound to be blown away by the talent. Before you sit down to watch the show, indulge in small dishes of the finest Spanish cuisine such as cheese, olives or chupitos at a tapas restaurant to get the full Spanish experience.

  1. Visit the ice barIf you’re visiting Barcelona at the heat of the summer, then there would be no better way to cool off than visiting the Barcelona Ice Bar. What is so different about this you may be asking? Well, it’s actually the very first ice bar to be located on the beach.When you visit Port Olimpic, you can enjoy a spot of sunbathing before making your way inside the bar, throwing on an insulating coat and pair of gloves and enjoying an alcoholic beverage from a frozen glass. Sound bizarre enough for you? It will certainly be a memory you won’t forget in a hurry.

    3. Try different ales

    Like many other countries in the world, Barcelona has grown in popularity for its development of breweries, beer bars and festivals, which have sprung up in recent years. If you’re staying local to the city centre, you’ll be free to move from bar to bar throughout the night and try a variety of different speciality ales. Some bars may also show sports channels on the TV to enjoy matches and games as you drink. Why not make the experience even more thrilling by placing bets on your favourite teams and sportspeople on Unibet?

4. Travel around on an electric bike

It’s easy enough to get around Barcelona by public transport, but why not make your trip even more interesting by hiring a battery-powered bicycle. This way, you’ll be able to get around the city quickly without having to make stops elsewhere.

5. Travel by cable car to the castle

Most tourists who come for a short break to Barcelona don’t tend to leave the main city as there’s just so much to see and do. However, if you want to do something that most tourists don’t; hop aboard the Montjuic cable car from the bottom of the Montjuic mountain and up to the castle where you’ll be able to witness first-class views of the entire city. Find out more about this experience on the Barcelona Tourist Guide.